Office Share - The New Smart Way to Thinking About Your International Operation



Dear friends,

do you know anything about office share? Probably not yet.

Powered by Comred Holdings China, the office share is the new smart way to thinking about your international operation with a perfect local culture understanding, more than 20 years experienced team work in China and Hong Kong, show room, low cost and immediately results. Talking as a easy way this is like your China local operational base administrated by Comred China and manage 100% by you, your company and your team without any reason to live or stay in China.

The office share can be used for any company from any market segment who need to develop, buy and administrate suppliers, products and any raw material or manage your supply team chain in China or also for that companies who like to get challenge for show and sell the produtcs in the biggest market in world, the China market.

With a very low montly investment you can have your China base, address, phone number, customer service, meeting room, finance and administration local management, supplier management, manage your inspection and shipment, samples inspection, or also show and sell your products for the chinese market.

And more …. You can manage all from a distance, directly from your head quarter, with directly contact with your customer service and the “office share” team management for all of your demand.

Please contact us to understand how easy, simple and cheap to have your China base, for any propose.